About WebC

WebC started as a test project to see if C could be made into something like php. The more I thought about this the more interesting this became. I then build a simple precompiler just to see. It worked. I though to my self, interesting, and abandoned it.

Later I was working on a project that had a web interface from C. It was going as normal, painfully. C doesn't really handle complex strings very well. You always have to escape quotes, new lines, and a number of other things. This makes writing javascript or html in is a pain. That got me thinking about the precompiler again.

After I was done the project I went and rewrote some of the web pages using the precompiler to see how well it would work. It turned out to be much much easier than straight C. This got me thinking about it again, and things like how to handle #includes, globals, and the like. The more I thought about it the more I liked it.

Then one day (after making another C program that used an embedded web server) I took and started writing the WebC precompiler with support for global space, auto converting of binary data. This went well and I made a number of examples of how it would be used. I then put the project aside again.

I was updating one of the programs I had written with direct html in C strings and again I thought I should finish the WebC stuff. I decided to make a web site written in it (this one). As I wrote the web site I came up with a number of enhancements such as WebC escape tags to output C strings instead of echoing the lines.

That is basically where WebC came from. Since then I put it in a number of C projects that use an embedded web server and have found it to be very useful. I have no idea how useful WebC is in the real world these days (with even small embedded systems running Linux) but it is still an interesting idea ;)